We want to provide advice in a fully transparent environment, we will only sit on the Client`s side of the table and we make our knowledge and experience work in his best interest. We help simplify existing portfolios and structures, reducing costs, increasing efficiency and making sure our Client’s assets work for them rather than for the provider that sold them a product.

  • Help understand the structure, risk profile, diversification and suitability of investment portfolios,
  • Help in the selection and negotiation of terms with service providers such as; banks, custodians, trustees, directors, portfolio managers, lawyers, accountants, etc.
  • Help identify and mitigate hidden product and service provider fees,
  • Provide support in the consolidation of multiple estates, portfolios and accounts.
  • Provide independent monitoring of investment performance,
  • Provide independent valuation of portfolios,
  • Provide on-going quality monitoring of services provided by the client’s financial counterparties,
  • Provide guidance for strategic asset allocation,
  • Source investment opportunities, hedge funds and other financial products,
  • Due Diligence invested or proposed investments and/or funds,
  • Support with the structuring & management of cash flow requirements,
  • Provide expert advice for the identification and resolution of conflicts of interests,
  • Provide advice on Financing – Mortgages – Equity release and debt resolution,
  • Provide valuations & support in the disposal of illiquid investments and side pockets,
  • Provide expert advice for litigation and criminal investigations in financial matters

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